Talking is one thing, doing is another

With software development, perhaps more so than in many fields of endeavour, people can often talk the talk with walking the walk.  To succeed in software you need to be able to do.

Here are a list of challenging exercises that you should work through at your own pace.  Even if you are a successful accomplished software developer I can assure you that a) doing these will make you a better developer, and b) they will make your brain hurt.  Another motivation is trying to implement these in that new programming language you are trying to master - you are continuously learning, right? :)

"The day you stop learning, is the day you start dying" -- Michael Davies

So go on, roll up your sleeves and start coding.

Hands-on Exercises
  1. The software examples presented in Programming Pearls, 2nd Ed (Bentley)
  2. Project Euler problems
  3. CodeKata - How to Become a Better Developer
  4. - More Code Kata but in twiki format
  5. TBD - must add more